Hal Aaron

Philadelphia Acoustic Guitarist

got hal?

Venue owners

If you’re the owner, manager or booker of live music for your restaurant, bar, hotel or any venue that features live entertainment – I’m available now for 2023 Winter, Spring and Summer and Fall events! Use the contact form or just call me!
(818) 730-3600

Anywhere there is live music… bar, concert hall, community center, coffee house, country club, living room/house concert, winery, backyard bbq, birthday bash, block party, etc. – you’ll find me – Philadelphia acoustic guitarist/singer Hal Aaron. No venue is too small, no stage is too large.

NOTE: I can perform guitar/vocals and fully engage the room, or guitar – ambient background music for those who love live music but prefer it to be less intrusive for guests who would like to converse.


Whether you’re planning a Christmas In The Caribbean, Christmas in July, a New Years blowout, a Parrot Head Birthday BBQ, a Sixties Theme or Seventies Tie-Dyed Birthday Celebration, my extensive song list will fill the bill, be it a bar, a banquet hall, a beach wedding, anniversary, birthday, retirement party or backyard bash, you’ll find Hal to be most accommodating performing many of your favorite rock, pop, soul, love ballads, country songs… and more! I have a tremendous ability to read an audience and his personality plays as much a part of the overall package as the music.

If you require music for a memorial service in funeral home or are seeking someone to play a special song (or songs) on the burial site at a graveside ceremony, I will perform with the utmost sensitivity and reverence for the deceased, no matter what faith you or your family practice. 


That’s right. Picture this: You’re coming out of a restaurant, on your way to a show, walking along the beach, a gazebo in Fairmount park on a sunny day or under a full moonlit sky and there I’ll be, looking like just another ordinary busker. Only this is no ordinary occasion, and her face will slowly do a slow reveal as she realizes this is a setup! Hal will be playing her favorite songs just for her, while you propose. You’ll never hear a no…  Just call him your “Lucky Proposal Guy”