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This is the fist entry into my blog on the Hal Aaron website updated in August of 2022. Here is where you will find the wit, wisdom, opinions life lessons, advice and product reviews by yours truly Hal Aaron Cohen. Everything expressed here is based on the life experience of a well-seasoned road-worn, time-tested experienced musician.


To go where others have gone before and report back to you with my own unique perspective


 According to my most recent optometry exam, my vision is 15/20 when wearing corrective lenses.   This means if I’m wearing my glasses, I am seeing things much clearer than the average person… So watch out!


  • Follow the golden rule
  • It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts
  • If you disagree with me on my own Facebook profile page, I’ll probably delete it. Go start an argument on your own profile.

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